Hey buddy my wife's outside this door!
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Fuck that mariage bullshit man..
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Let me go! I'm not gay and you know it!
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Can you help me out sir? I lost myself..
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Hey there.. didn't know you were there!
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Is this yours? It smells like jizz all over the place
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Were you thinking about me again??
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Wow that's a nice butt my friend...
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He's gonna get busted....
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Aren't you tired of working?
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Weren't you at a gay club last night??
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What the fuck are you doing man!?
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Some fun after a nice day at the beach.
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Yeah of course I'll show you the way... ;)
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Please don't tell our parents... ok?
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You want better grades or NOT?!
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Are you good in all sports buddy?
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But... I'm a married man!!!
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Do you want the extra stuff too?
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I swear, I'm the straightest guy EVER
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WTF are you still doing in bed ?!
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WTF MAN?! What are you doing?!
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Hey Mark tell me more about yourself..
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I never thought I could do this..
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I love you soooo much Mike...
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So boys, what shall we do today?
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Yeah I found the problem man...
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Look Ted! I'm all grown up now!
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Come closer, I wanna feel these muscles..
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Yeah your brother's here... why?
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I can't do that stuff, I'm married!
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His boss is having a powertrip.
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Hey, I'm the new lawn boy..
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I'll let you work for me if you do this one thing
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This meeting isn't going anywhere....
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I'll tell your wife if you don't do it...
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Hey, here's the guy I told you about...
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Who's your daddy now big boy??
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I didn't know you were straight.... I swear!
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Can we take a break guys? I know a spot..
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I don't want to hurt you anymore...
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To my eyes, you were the best tonight..
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Man you feel SOOOOO good!
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